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Seal the Deal

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Seal the Deal is a sealant that is intended to be used with your Custom Curls system. Apply this sealant as a last step in your lash application to lock your lashes in for 5+ days.


  • Hold: 7+ days with combination of Hold on Honey


  1. Carefully remove lashes from the lash tray
  2. Apply Hold on Honey to the underside root of your natural lashes
  3. Apply Hold on Honey to the spine of your last Cluster
  4. Wait 45 seconds, or until the glue becomes tacky 
  5. Apply lash clusters 1mm from your lash line using the Lash Assistant
  6. Lock your lashes in with Seal the Deal
  7. Enjoy your lashes for 5+ days

To Remove Lash Clusters:

  1. Use our Kay Thnx Bye remover

Ingredients: Water (aqua)/acrylates/Propylene Glycol/Ethyl hexyl glycerin/Ethyl glycerol

Disclaimer: Pulling/tugging lashes directly off of lids is NOT recommended

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ellie (Lawrenceville, US)
The Best!

I love this sealant! I have used other brands but this is hands down the best I have used. It is non sticky and not super thick but gets the job done! One swipe and my lashes are no longer sticky and stay in place. It also does not leave any type of residue on my lashes like other sealants I’ve tried. I will be using this and only this from now on!

Nancy R (Fresno, US)

Comfortable and easy to apply

Jackie B. (Honolulu, US)
VITAL part of the custom curl collection 🩷

Do 👏🏽not 👏🏽skip 👏🏽this👏🏽 sealant.👏🏽

After you apply your beautiful custom clusters you will want this so that your lashes are sealed in place. This also ensures there’s no “sticky” areas on your lash line. So you can feel cute for the duration of wearing your clustered set.😍

The “hold on honey” glue is strong which is AWESOME 💪🏽but you don’t want to skip this for that reason😉