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Playdate Custom Curl Clusters (Multi-pack)

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Play Date creates the prettiest hybrid lash extension look!

Our Custom Curl Cluster multi-packs feature 30 pre-cut lash clusters for effortless application. Each package includes 3 varying lash lengths, allowing you to craft distinctive styles and achieve your desired look. With each pack, enjoy a minimum of 3+ lash sets - Custom Curls are designed for re-use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
hannah lee (Tracy, US)
these custom cluster lashes are so it

this is my second time trying these diy lashes!!! i’d like to mention that these lashes truly do stay on for up to 5 days and can exceed that with proper care!

i love using these lash clusters honestly for every day. i am normally a late girly so waking up before work and taking almost two hours to get ready has never been so much easier 😭 these will last through water and tears for sure. the playdate clusters are definitely more wispier than first class.

when first applying, i recommend being light on the glue and sealant. the glue can be very sticky so i like to apply it onto the lash band itself and then sticking them on to my lashes, because if i coat my lashes with the glue then it just gets messy and hard to coat them with sealant. when i apply the sealant, i make sure to be careful as well because i notice it is what hardens the glue and keeps it in place. too much sealant can result in hard white lashes. i used 10, 12 , 14, and 16s for this set!!

when removing, i suggest being very gentle. i almost scrubbed mine the first time and a couple of my lashes came off so i would just be patient. also, these lashes do stay on for many days, but i think taking them off sooner and keeping my lashes clean are what’s best for me to keep my natural lashes healthy, based off of my experience. i will definitely be using these every so often because they seriously made me life so much easier, for cheaper too!
they are kind of hard for me to clean so it might get pricey having to repurchase another set every week so i might have to use strips more often but i really love these for when i do need some temporary lash extensions!!! so far my favorite cluster lashes are first class, but i can’t wait to try out triple threat next!!!

make sure to take care of your lashes and they will take care of you 🥹💖✨

Thank you so much for this amazing review!! We noticed your concern about cleaning and re-using clusters.

Please see our recommended cleaning instructions below:
1. Let your lash clusters soak in a 70% (not 90%) alcohol solution for 5-10 minutes
2. Take out the cluster and place it on a paper towel
3. Using a small dense makeup brush, hold the hairs of the cluster with one finger and gently brush away from the cluster to remove the bond. (We recommend a small dense brush instead of a q-tip because the bristles can flex and maneuver between the lash hairs when cleaning; while a q-tip will not be able to get between the ridges and will require more pressure which can compromise the structure of the clusters.
4. The alcohol will soften the bond to a consistency that will allow it to easily be removed from the cluster.

Hope this helps!

Hope (Colorado Springs, US)
Natural girlies

I loved these for my work week look. It was so easy and I’m telling you I’m not a skilled individual. I love the mix pack because it helped me understand what sizes I preferred and play around.