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First Class Custom Curl Clusters (Multi-pack)

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First Class is super flirty and cute - she is the perfect transition lash from day to night!

Our Custom Curl Cluster multi-packs feature 30 pre-cut lash clusters for effortless application. Each package includes 3 varying lash lengths, allowing you to craft distinctive styles and achieve your desired look. With each pack, enjoy a minimum of 3+ lash sets - Custom Curls are designed for re-use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
hannah lee (Tracy, US)
fell in love with the new custom curl cluster collection. GAME CHANGER!!!

backstory: okay woah. i’m seriously impressed with these diy custom lashes. I don’t normally take the time to try out temporary cluster extensions because for years I have been so comfortable with using strip lashes as my go-to. i’ve tried individual lashes in high school but only daily with duo glue lol! and i love getting my lashes done, but can’t afford to get them all the time + i don’t want my lashes to go bald omg. also, i was really scared to try these out because i don’t believe what most brands say about staying on for so many days. but i was so wrong about these lashes! i have been wearing these custom lash clusters for over week now!

the process: the first day i put them on, i did struggle. it took me over an hour just to figure out how i wanted to map them out and finally apply them. this was really my first time trying something out like this, so i was patient and determined! i know it doesn’t usually take this long but i was so willing to get these to work!

this was my first time trying out First Class. i did stack 10, 12, + 14 throughout the lash because i like them a little thicker, but next set i am definitely adding 16 when i try out playdate!! the map is 10,10,12,14,14 I think… you can’t see much, but I did get a little messy with the glue and sealant hence it being my first time. but for the most part, they stay on soooo well. i’ve taken a shower with these lashes and i try to take care of them whilst getting wet because i do want them to last long. but there was this one time i came home and accidentally scrubbed my eye so hard and totally forgot i had these on and they still stayed.. like huh 😭. they don’t hurt at all and i have not had any reaction to the glue and sealant :) and i’m seriously impressed how long these babies can stay on. i’ve been using my first set, First Class, for about two weeks now. i did take them off after about 5 days but it was to reapply since i feel like i hadn’t done them the best to begin with. and i’ve been trying to make the most of these lashes because i truly am so shook at how these girlies be staying on. i get so tired of strips sometimes so these custom lashes are everything. i have worn these same lashes for two weeks!

i am only allowed to choose 5 images so some of mine are from day one through basically the end of me wearing them. they look sooo beautiful and real. and trust me they literally look the same every day. just keep in mind to apply your glue and sealant very clean so they will look more fresh and always be cautious of them. i have never put lashes under my eyelashes but they truly make them look so seamless!!!!! EVEN AFTER I SHOWERED THEY STILL LOOKED SO GOOD. i try to use the least amount of water as possible, but just enough to keep my eyes clean.

THESE LASHES HAVE SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY. i’m a late girly and always losing track of time but tell me why i’ve been early again because of these lashes 😭🫶🏼 i cannot wait to try out playdate and triple threat!!! i do hope there is a way to revive these lashes though, because they do have a lot of glue and sealant on them and idk if i can keep getting multiple sets every two weeks bc i have a shopping problem. i soaked them in isopropyl alcohol like ida had shown on one of her videos but i think i applied too much glue to my lashes and waited too long to clean them. (i kept them in a tissue for a week oops)

i do have one con though, sadly. since i had worn these lashes for so long, i had gotten a lot of fallout while taking my lashes off. i think it was my fault though because maybe i put on too much glue, too much sealant, or just kept them on too long and my lashes are probably just sensitive and prone to falling out if i keep glue on them too long. but on top of that, i really loved these temporary cluster lashes because they made my days easier in getting ready. and also i know it will take a lot of practice to get these lashes on the correct way. i’m not sure if i will use these from now on over strips, only because of how i took them off, but i will definitely be using these on those weeks that i know i’ll need some lashes waking up the next day!!

basically to sum it up, the longer your take care of these lashes, the longer they will take care of you 🥺😌💖

Melanie (Clifton Park, US)

loved these so muchhh

R. (Orlando, US)

Okay this style is one I am absolutely obsessed with! It’s perfect for a natural fluffy look and I think this’ll be my go-to. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on my “lash extensions” and when I tell people I did it myself they’re always shook. It was so easy to apply and they feel so comfortable I forget I have them on!

Nancy R (Fresno, US)

Fast delivery, great quality and easy to apply. Love the soft look

Jackie B. (Honolulu, US)

Just got mines in the mail and I was so excited I applied these FIRST THING 🤣😍

There definitely is a little learning curve so take your time and don’t give up. If you mess up, take a deep breath and try again. You will get it right. Don’t try to be a perfectionist about it cause as long as you get them close enough to your lash line they will look good.🫶🏽🤌🏽

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